Thursday, July 15, 2010


I took a little field trip up one of the mountains today ("cable car trip" were the exact words on today's training program, I believe). Davos is situated in a valley with some of the most picturesque, extreme mountains on either side so I had quite the selection of ski hills and cable cars to pick from. After a 10-minute stroll from my house, I was whisked up into the air for one of the most scenic gondola rides of my life. The next time my foot touched ground at the Jakobshorn station, I was at 9,000 ft. It was a bit of a hazy day, but the views were still incredible. I have been to some pretty scenic places in the world, but I think this might take the cake. I wandered out on one of the hiking trails and sat down in a meadow to take in the view and read my book. Apart from the buzzing flies and blowing breeze, there was not a sound in the air. It really was a surreal experience to look out across the Alps and realize that I was completely alone.

Anyway, I will stop there because I am already in enough trouble from my mountain man, Adam for sending daily Davos photos and excitedly talking a mile-a-minute over Skype. I think the photos will speak for themselves.

As for life and training, I've been settling in well with my new squad, my Swiss roommates and my life in the mountains. Training thus far has been short and simple, with the focus on getting my body working properly, and well, starting from scratch. My mind is definitely buzzing everytime I lace up my shoes, hop on my bike, or grab those swim cords. But, this is exactly what I signed up for!

Thankfully I left my heels at home.

It was over 20 degrees up there, but a few patches of snow were still to be found.

Looking out over the valley. Maybe this is Jakob?

Adam's dream house: no shower, just clean mountain air and millions of trails.


@mountainCLYDE said...

While you're healing, I'm thinking a photographer may be a natural calling for a second job! Amazing pictures!

Wendy said...

looks picture postcard perfect.