Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kneeknacker Champ

BIG congrats, high-fives and hugs to my hubby for his win at the Kneeknacker 50km!

An update on my Swiss adventures in Davos coming soon!


Gregwh said...

Where is the dang beard? Ha Ha. You won that round. Seriously, great win in the ultra! My gut tells me there will be many more. Heinz

Lauren said...

I honestly thought now that I'd left town that I'd see finisher photos of this bearded "mountain man"... phew, guess he can't grow a good one in just a few days ;)
Hopefully this goes to show that you can win an ultra WITHOUT a beard!

Jenn said...

Hey! That's pretty awesome. I wonder if the ART played any part in Adam's fantastical win??