Sunday, December 14, 2008

SNOW in Victoria!

We had some REAL snow last night which I had been looking forward to for days. I have to call it "real" because it was actually much more than the than the typical handful of fluffy raindrops that Victorians refer to as snow. And, I am sure this dumping had Victoria's one city snowplow working overtime. 

I couldn't wait to go for a snowy cross ride this morning, but woke up to a blizzard with a windchill of about -20. Those conditions would pretty much take all the fun out of the ride, so, rollers and trainer it was. But, I did have a great run (or shuffle) outside along the waterfront. It was a neat atmosphere with families, dogs and kids walking and sledding everywhere, and hardly any cars on the road. Sadly, I couldn't do my hill strides at Beacon Hill as there were a few too many toboggans....not to mention sheer ice on the hill!

Training continues to roll along and I am feeling stronger every week. I am getting mentally prepared for most of my training this week to be indoors as the lovely white stuff looks like it will stick around. I may need to plan better for the indoor rides so I have some DVDs on hand. I am getting more comfortable on the rollers and can now safely drink from my waterbottle and wipe off sweat without a massive fear of crashing, but grabbing the remote to scroll through the channels is still out of the question. Not wanting to hop off the bike this morning, I spent much too long watching Hour of Power, and I do NOT recommend this program for helping time pass quickly on rides. Not at all. 

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