Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Monday was the start of my winter program and I am now settling in to a great routine. I can't remember the last time I have been this excited to get back to training so I am taking that as a good sign. The program for the month is fairly simple, focusing on frequency in the pool, and building strength across the three sports. I have kept fairly active over the past few months so it isn't a massive shock to my body, as is often the case when I start back after a break. I have made a lot of changes since the summer and I don't know if it's because change is refreshing, or because I feel very confident in my decisions, but I am simply loving my training right now. 

The biggest change I've made is my coaching situation. After three incredible, fun and successful years with Siri and her squad, I have made the decision to work with Joel Filliol and his group in Victoria. It was a difficult decision, but I felt it was time for a change and I felt very strongly that this was the right place for me at this point in my career. Thankfully, Coach Joel and the group welcomed me, so as long as I can toughen up and handle a daily dose of teasing from the guys, I think I should be just fine ;-)

Outside of triathlon, life is great. Christmas has absolutely exploded at Wendy's house and there are already a million presents under the tree. We have had fun decorating and I don't think there is one inch of this place that doesn't have some sort of festive knick-knack. 

My quilt is slowly but surely coming along. All the blocks are sewn together so next up is the borders and then the backing. I really hope to get this done by the weekend so I can start to use it.... Ok, the real reason is I am dying to start on my next project!

And, I am saving the best news for last.... 

We have a special guest staying at the house right now: NAPOLEON! He might be the world's most lovable chihuahua, such a sweetheart and a real character. From the extra long tongue, to the venison breath, to the snorts at night, he is one of a kind and it's a treat to have him around the house this week. 

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