Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The next chapter

It sure has been an eventful year for me! If I had a say, I might have swapped some of these "events" for something like say, a long uneventful ride, being able to go for a lovely sunset trail run, or even having the feeling of achy legs from a hard day's training. Ok, I will stop thinking about impossible situations of the past right now, but I'm just saying there sure has been a lot going on for me. Now this may sound surprising, but all joking aside, if I could go back, I truly don't think I'd change anything. Yes, adversity is all part of the sport and it sucks, but going through what I've gone through has got me to where I am today and that really is a good place.

I've decided to join coach Darren Smith's squad for the "next chapter" of my career. Maybe I should actually phrase it as I have been "accepted" by Darren and his squad, since he appears to put a lot of thought and research into his decisions. I have the utmost trust that I will be in good hands and a good fit for his squad of highly successful and lovely athletes. What happens from here in terms of training and racing is a little up in the air as the injuries sort themselves out, but for the first time in awhile, I feel as though I have a clear plan.

Now I can't end this without saying a huge thank you to coach Phil for the past 12 months. Thank you for helping me achieve some career-high results and putting up with me on a daily basis (by now you must laugh - or sigh! - when you see I am calling!!). Thanks for being a wonderful coach and a great friend.

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