Sunday, August 1, 2010

Choose your roommates wisely

Truthfully, I can't take credit for choosing my roommates. Darren found this room for me through the local bike shop and when I was changing my arrival date every week and unsure if I was even going to get the go-ahead to travel, I had to jump at this last-minute opportunity.

The two girls I'd be living with were described as "sporty." We joked that it sounded like I was responding to a personal ad ("two sporty Swiss girls looking for a like-minded female roommate"). Anyway, sporty was a good description to go off, but what would have really sealed the deal is knowing that one was a MASTER BAKER. The Swiss know how to make a good pastry, so when the word "master" is in the title, I think that's a very good sign.

When I left for my ride yesterday this was the scene in the kitchen:

And, when I returned, it was bread carnage. Not sure where the other loaf of "Zopf" went...


Noa said...

Maybe your roommate can come up with a gluten free version of this for me? That would be pretty awesome :)

Andrew says that surely Adam would bake for you, no? He is too lazy to make a comment himself... haha

Lauren said...

I'm not sure gluten free is possible...maximum fluffiness is a key for Zopf!

Adam once baked me a batch of biscotti. Here is how that unfolded:

Me: I have to run out now, can you remove the biscotti from the oven in 4 mins?

Adam: Sure.

Me: Do you want me to set a timer to remind you?

Adam: No, I got it, 4 mins.

I return home to a smokey kitchen and Adam frantically baking a fresh batch :)