Monday, August 2, 2010

A Good Omen?

I laughed aloud when I had a closer look at the art on the outside of the Davos Hospital. A plate and screws!!!
(you know you're in a ski resort that has a hospital specializing in "difficult" fractures when....)

Now if I were reading this like abstract art, I would say that I also see waves that represent swimming, and a spiral that represents coming full circle. I say this could be a good omen because the screws are perfectly aligned, solidly fixated and in the shape of a smile :)

I had my 9 week post-op x-ray done today. I don't know what the verdict is on swimming, but if it's not time yet, I'm accepting and prepared to be a little more patient.

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Gregwh said...

The best of omens...good eye!