Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Baking

Wendy and I made a lot of treats last night. Although it was great fun with a ridiculous amount sampling and bowl-licking, the countertop and freezer are now packed with treats.....and Christmas is still a month away. I was able to cram a bag of cookies in my jersey to give to Tiff on our ride today and Wendy has plans to give away a tin or two this weekend. So, between the giving and the eating, the house should be back to it's normal picture of health within the week.

How do you make pure dark chocolate bad for you? ADD MARSHMALLOWS!

Don't lick your hands, Wendy!

The macaroons (my favourite)

Gingerbread POODLES

1 comment:

MinkeSwim said...

those look delicious Lauren! have fun spreading the Christmas cheer!
I love your spirit...