Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back in Freddy


 I am now back in Fredericton for a couple of weeks. It really is wonderful to return (and not only because Adam is here :-) I think the only thing I don't love about this city is how far away it is from Victoria. It takes a full day to travel here, even if I catch the Vic-Toronto direct flight. I pretty much could fly anywhere else in the world in about the same amount of time and I have to admit it was slightly tempting to re-route to the Bahamas when I was struggling to cram everything warm and fuzzy that I own into my bags. I put my tropical dreams aside though and caught the early flight out of Vic. A big "thanks" to Wendy for the (very) early morning drive that day! 

Tuesday I was up early to speak to the UNB Athletic Department. I always enjoy sharing my experiences, but still manage to get some nerves beforehand.  They were so welcoming though and I really enjoyed having this opportunity. The rest of the day included a short run on my favourite downtown path, a swim, and a trip to the natural food store to stock up the fridge. I am really impressed with the selection at this shop considering the size of Freddy. What I am NOT impressed with is the selection at the main grocery stores. I don't like to buy my veggies wilted and wrapped in cellophane....

I was up early again today, at 9am (which truly is early on BC time), and headed out on my cross bike for some fun. Sadly, I missed out on most of the Fall colours and everything seemed to be a little grey. But, I had a great time on the bike, got in a couple hours of some challenging trails, some great climbs, and some incredibly scenic pathways. No wildlife spotted apart from a family of quail and a black standard poodle. 

This afternoon I met with the UNB cross-country team for a little run. It was SO great to see everyone again! And, I was able to bring the girls a few gifts. Don't they look great in the new gear?! (see top photo) Nice dress, Tim!

Tomorrow I am up even earlier for an 8:30am swim with the varsity girls team... YIKES! And then at night I have art class at the Freddy Art Gallery (I joined this weekly class when I was here in September so it will be fun to pop-in again. It's a different medium every week and I am secretly hoping for anything but watercolour....not my specialty...

Adam and I are at a coffee shop right now to use the internet as our "free" signal from the apartment seems to have "disappeared"..... (anyone know any generic passwords we could try?)
Adam is unable to race CIS cross-country in Quebec this weekend because of his back injury, so we are planning a getaway. We're thinking about Northern Maine, but we need to do a little research first.

More from Freddy soon!


Wendy said...

love the photos and the blog update. Enjoy your weekend away!

BreeWee said...

I hope you get some more free internet! Coach Paul led me to your blog- so keep it updated :)

All the best, have some fun!