Saturday, February 14, 2009

My training partners are INVINCIBLE!

Or, maybe they're just guys that are crazy strong and talented. That might be it, but it seems much cooler to think they're invincible. 

I know it's good to train with those faster, fitter and stronger than you, but I think Kyle and Simon take it to a whole new level. They never seem to be tired and are always ready to GO (note to Sarah: remember how the saying, "relax, it's January" was the slogan for Maui, well this theme did NOT continue into February and I think it will never be spoken of for the remainder of '09...). 

But, for me, keeping things in perspective, everything is going well. This has been a big week, possibly bigger in terms of volume than we were doing in Maui and I am feeling stronger as the weeks tick by. 

Back to my training partners though... we had a 3.5 hour hilly base ride on the schedule today. Last week I rode well for this ride so was looking forward to another long morning of (trying) to hang with the guys. I met with with Simon, Kyle, Jasper, and Steve-0 for the first half, starting along the waterfront. My legs were feeling strong today and I thought this could be a fun one. However, about an hour in, I started to feel a little "off"...and hungry. We stopped for a bathroom break and I quickly shoveled all of my fig bars in my mouth. My first thought was "uh-oh, I just at the bulk of my snacks within the first hour," but hoped there was a chance the sugary carbs would sustain me for at least long enough to get through most of the ride. Once riding again, I still didn't feel quite right and was definitely still hungry. I peeled off to a gas station and bought a king size Snickers bar. I wasn't confident the regular size would do the trick, so I took the safe route with this chocolately monstrosity (I know, really kind of gross and not something I would normally eat, but I had to try something). It helped for a bit...until Simon and Kyle turned it on when we hit the hills...and that was it for me today. I finished off the last half, riding the hills, with Jazz and Steve. Despite not feeling too wonderful, I really enjoyed their company, finished feeling as strong as I did at the start (that's something positive, right?!), and it was a beautiful, sunny day. 

I have just returned from a run and cannot believe it's already 5pm!! Seriously, where has the day gone?! Wendy is away this weekend so the Hotel is quiet...and lonely! I don't have the creativity to prepare much of a meal tonight so I am off to re-fuel with some Ethiopian. 

I was sent this video today, a finishing clip of the Fast Triathlon in Brazil last month (I am the PALE one....well, apart from Kerry ;-)

And, I hoped Adam might surprise me with some thing like this for Valentine's Day, but no luck... Maybe next year...

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