Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week 2, Done and....

...almost DONE.

One more day to go to the end of another solid week. The first week of this training block I was wondering how I was ever going to get through it, but our squad (the trio), has done a great job at settling into routine and plugging away.  Despite this week getting off to a rocky start, I was more consistent and mentally ready to tackle the daily challenges. I know the week isn't over, but I am going to recap the last few days as tomorrow night when I get home from the swim, it will be dinner, and then straight to the couch for the Bachelor.

Monday: SICK! I will not elaborate this time... pretty much a write-off as far as training goes: 600m swim and 30 minute trainer spin (but, if we are counting "chamois-time," I did lie on the floor for a good 2 hours in my bike shorts. I will definitely log that.)

Tuesday: 5k swim, 2.5hr ride will plenty of hill reps, and finished the day with a 1 hour run with 10 x Beacon Hill sprints. This was a tough day on the legs, I cannot lie!

Wendesday: 5k swim, 75 min trainer workout with 3-minuters, 75 minute treadmill hill intervals. Ok, now my legs felt like cement logs.

Thursday: Swim #1, 90 min. hilly base run (I did the middle chunk on the tready for the soft surface, plus strides), swim #2. Oh, and a GREAT massage (thanks, Kim!)

Friday: 5k Swim, fun 2+ hour ride pace-lining with the guys, 30 minute run. 

Saturday: 3.5 hour hilly ride (the plan to join one of the group rides fell apart as I flatted IMMEDIATELY so it was just me, my SRM and my thoughts for one very long morning). 1 hour run this evening to finish the day.

Tomorrow is a 90 minute run, with 5 x  the 2km "harder than Hamish" loops, building, around Beacon Hill. I ran this course for the first time last week and loved it! The afternoon is our dreaded 5k swim. I don't know what it is about this swim, but this is the toughest session to get through. However, it has to get done, so after we call the "waaaambulance," we suck it up and dive in.

Sorry this was a boring training post. Here are a couple photos from dinner with Tiff last night (and by the way, Tiff makes a MEAN pork tenderloin!).

Wii bowling is not my specialty.

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