Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy Weekend

This is just a quick post, mostly pics.... it has been a very long weekend!!

Saturday began with a bike-run-bike-run session at PISE on the SRM bikes and speedy treadmills. I can't say the lab is my favourite place to do a workout (I'm not a "numbers" athlete), but it was a tough,"my legs are exploding" kind of session.

Adam and I were then off to Vancouver for the weekend:

Float plane. Just us and the pilot!


Mom decided Adam deserved a "star" cake...
Grandma's memorial

BC Children's Hospital Telethon

Taking pledges (must have been a quiet moment for Simon and I...)

Tomorrow starts with a morning swim, followed by our National Team press conference downtown Vancouver, and then on the float plane back home. Just two more weeks until the next race in Washington, DC.... I can't wait.

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