Friday, June 5, 2009

Coach Phil did not lie

Coach Philippe is the master of making things appear easy on paper. I often glance at the weekly schedule and think, oh it's not so bad. But we get to the session and I'm not the only one saying, "man, it didn't look like much on paper..." 

We've all been looking forward to this week because Phil arrived in Victoria... for good, and with his wonderful family! And, I know both Kyle and I have been looking forward to this week because we were told it was going to be a "BIG" one (literally, that is how 'big' was worded in an email from Phil). BIG is good, especially because it started on Monday so we could blow out some of our pent-up Madrid energy. 

Phil wasn't lying and it didn't even look easy on paper....and that is definitely a sign of BIG things to come. I've actually felt a bit like I am in training camp this week, which is good, but different when living at home. I don't have anything fun to post (definitely no trials in the kitchen this week), so this is a boring update of the week:

Monday: 5k swim (sprint set), 1hr 15' ride right after swim (short but with some "sweetness"), 80 minute run in the afternoon with 30 mins tempo around Beacon Hill (including 5 x up the hill... my choice.... the fire was still burning strong at this point :)
Ocean icing!

Tuesday: 5k solid swim (short rest), 2hr 15 bike with 1 hour of hilly TT through the Highlands, 1 hour run off the bike with strides.

Wednesday: 3.6km easy swim (pool was 86 degrees today!), coffee with coach and HP director, then off to the track for 8 x 1km on short rest (great session for me). Icing (riding the scooter to/from the beach in aqua socks with a towel around my waist. Yep, I'm cool). Afternoon ride for 1hr30' with 45 minute of medium-ish effort (though it felt pretty darn hard...). Icing!

These aqua socks just make me want to DANCE!

Thursday: ~4km lake swim with 4 x small island loops at Thetis. 2 hour 20 ride, just base. Icing.

Friday: Hard lake swim with some fast dudes. Main set was 6 x 400 and Paula and I were just hanging on the back, chasing the bubbles! Then off to PISE for Discovery Channel filming with some footage of us chilling in the ice bath. Orthotics appointment mid-day to sort out my blister situation. It turns out that my orthotics actually don't fit properly in my race flats so the arch is sitting much higher than it should. So, between the new orthotics and the secret Aussie lotion (thanks Simon :), my feet may be tape-free and cut-free this year! 

The weather has been INCREDIBLE this week and honestly, I can use all CAPS for that word because I am not exaggerating one snitch. We've been breaking heat records and even the "arctic" wind that is ALWAYS gusting along the waterfront, has disappeared! I kept saying to Adam, this is just like Boulder, putting on tank top and shorts in the evening after training. Loving it! 

Adam and I off to Vancouver tomorrow afternoon.... more soon!

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