Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stronger than coffee

There are a few things that I turn to for that extra bit of motivation, or "fuel for the fire." Usually it is something simple like a pretty new run top, a post-workout treat, or just thinking about the upcoming races. 

Today I didn't expect to wake up with a heaping truck-load of fuel being thrown into the fire. This morning was the second World Championship Series race in Madrid and looking through the results gave me some serious goosebumps, followed by a crazy urge to get my butt out the door, even before the coffee had brewed. The only problem is today is a rest day, with only a short swim and run. Last night I was looking forward to this low-key day, making many exciting plans for laundry, icing, and even a thrilling trip to Costco. However, I am one second away from scrapping all of these rest day events and calling up Coach Phil for a change of schedule. Adam is not here to stop me...he is out running with Simon, who is probably smashing the hills, using the fuel from the men's race.

In the future, we need to ask Phil to schedule our "key" sessions immediately following WCS events that we are missing.

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