Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

It was hard not to be home in Vancouver with my mom this weekend. My grandma passed away on Thursday evening so for the first time ever, my mom was without a mom this Mother's Day. Thankfully she was surrounded by family, but it was especially tough not to be with her this holiday. 

On a happier note, Adam was able to spend Mother's Day with his mom, Wendy. We planned a menu for a special breakfast...which turned into brunch....and then more of a lunch by the time training was done and the food prepared. We planned a menu yesterday and did the grocery shopping last night. Adam was busy in the kitchen this morning, preparing the fruit salad and prepping the rest of the ingredients. He even potted a strawberry plant for his mom! (so sweet :) For the lunch we cooked up some scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, dill and goats cheese, along with sweet potato hash browns. Yum! It turns out that Adam is quite the chef, but judging by the look on his face above,  I have a feeling he doesn't enjoy the kitchen quite as much as I do....

What's that, you ask? Oh, it's just my poodle watering can!

Watering the strawberries!

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