Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jet Lag & Speedy running

Even though I probably say this after every overseas trip, I honestly don't remember jet lag ever being this bad. I didn't sleep great the night after the race, and then the next night wasn't too much either with the early departure in the morning. The following night was spent on the airplane and then I was thrown into this time zone, hoping to adapt smoothly. My first night here I was certain I would sleep through. How could I not, I was so tired?! When I woke up, I felt alert, rested and ready to go... the only problem was that it was still dark out. No big deal, I'm sure the sun was just about to rise. Looked at the watch: 2:30am. Oh dear. I did sneak in another hour around 6am so it was almost a full nights sleep.... 
I got through the day with only a 1 hour nap and a massage (sorry I wasn't so chatty, Kim :) and by the time night rolled around, I was desperate to close the eyes. This time I woke up to daylight. YES!! The only problem was that it was 11am! Over 13 hours of sleep. Wow. I don't think I have ever done that before. I am actually a little embarrassed to admit this act of extreme laziness. Here I am now, almost noon, in my pj's and drinking coffee. 
I guess the sickness, race and travel has caught up with me... 

Hopefully without embarrassing Adam too much, I want to mention something really exciting (and because I am so darn PROUD :) Adam finished 2nd at the Vancouver Marathon this past Sunday. He was the top Canadian, finishing in 2:33. Now I know he wanted to run a little quicker, but his performance was amazing, all things considered. He just finished up 1st year law in New Brunswick, and with ten million feet of snow, freezing temperatures, and crazy hours of studying, he was able to bust out this effort. So proud! 


Only Adam can make this race look like a Sunday stroll!

With Mom. Wish I could have been there :(

Men's and women's winners.

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