Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 3-day reset....and a little weiner schnitzel

There's something about three days away from training that seems to reset the system. I've head this from other athletes before, and I have even been forced to try it myself over the past few years (at one point, I think I was so tired, I had to extend it to a 4-day rest...). After the way I felt on Sunday, I had a feeling I was needing this dose of extreme R & R. Thankfully coach Phil was on board so we set a very relaxed program from Monday to Wednesday that involved 2 swims of 1500m (max!) and zero biking and running. I felt no guilt taking this break and for me, that is the clearest sign that it was just what I needed. I don't really have much fun stuff to share about my adventures this week because they honestly only involve sleeping, eating, light walking through the Kitzbuhel shops (definitely nothing vigorous, no power-shopping here) and too much time watching Eurosport and Austrian cooking programs. By yesterday afternoon I was still feeling exhausted and started to worry that I wouldn't bounce back by today, but I still believed in the three-day reset rule and had a good half-day remaining. We went to an Alpenhaus for an authentic Austrian meal last night. Weiner schnitzel and some very hearty "pancakes" for dessert turned out to be the perfect fuel for training as I woke up mentally and physically ready to get back to business this morning. I don't think these photos show just how spectacular the views were. I have already started to plan an off-season holiday to this alpenhaus. Adam may protest, but I will be requesting a room without any antlers or decapitated animals on the walls...

We weren't able to get the correct translation of what type of deer these were. They were pretty small so I worried that they were quite young, but our host assured me this was not the case!

Oh deer....or, should I say, Oh, GOAT! Yikes.


Gregwh said...

Sounds like a very smart move, the 3 day reset. The typical highly caffeinated type A move would be to train harder in a plateau and end up hurt. Yeah I know from experience unfortunately. I've read the Kenyan runners will just turn around and go home to eat cornbread if their workout doesn't feel right, with no regret.

Peter Holmes said...

I guess the 'deer' will be Chamois - I once saw a herd of them at altitude when skiing in France, they're absolutely beautiful.

Better to see them in the flesh than on a wall!

See you in Hamburg!