Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Afternoon in Salzburg

The Fortress on the hill. We admired it from afar, skipping the steep hike.

Austrian Easter eggs. I used to spend hours blowing out the yolks as a kid, so was amazed by the sheer quantity in this shop. Their detail was also incredible.

I could have spent ALL day here if the others weren't waiting for me!

Not your typical golden arches.

I didn't know the "bretzels" came chocolate covered...

Salzburg Catherdral

I saw my future in this crystal ball.


Carolyn said...

I'm glad you post all these pictures and what you're doing...cuz someone else we know, ahem, BMc, isn't so good at the blogging thing !! Congrats on another great race ;-)

kirsten said...

HAHAHA these photo choices/captions are sooo you shuff!! haha looks like your having fun! say hi to the gang for me! :)

xo Nano