Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ok, that was an exciting night! It seems like we have been waiting an eternity for October 15th, the closing of our condo. We got the call late this afternoon that the sale had closed and our keys were ready for pick-up. Without one second hesitation, Adam and I were in the car. What a feeling it was to walk into the place for the first time. We felt just like kids on Christmas morning, except for the fact that we knew exactly what the prezzie was. I still can't believe this day is finally here!

Sadly, we aren't staying there tonight as by the time we picked up the Uhaul, loaded up our boxes (we are NOT traveling light this trip!), and cleaned the condo, it was dark and we were both exhausted. Tomorrow will be a big day, but I can't wait. Woot-woot!!


Kamal Rae said...

Congratulations guys!! You have a beautiful place!

Vincent said...

looks nice and spacious, congrats!

Sarah Groff said...

Congrats!!! Looks nice and bright. Plus, plenty of room for the future pooch!