Friday, January 29, 2010

The Girl With the Crazy Hair

I am officially "that" person. The type we all chuckle at in our heads. The one who power-hikes with a cast and sling that is strapped to her torso. The one who walks everywhere at top speed (power-walk commuting, as I like to call it). The one who wears the same yoga pants and zip top everyday (easy to pull on/off). The one who rides the trainer with the two aerobars sticking straight up, wearing a bandeau bra, HR strap and headband (the blinds remain CLOSED during these workouts!). Oh, and I'm the one with the crazy frizz hair. Yes, I have given up on ponytails (torturing Adam with this task was too cruel). And today, I was the girl in the deep tank of the pool, with no swim cap, hair floating everywhere, goggles, flippers, one arm strapped to my side and the other (casted) attempting a one-arm stroke. The lifeguards were on call and probably came close to a rescue. But, thanks to the fins, I actually turned out to be a good fit for the "moderate" lap lane.

I've been doing my best to make the most of this crappy situation. I've been staying as active as possible but refusing to put myself in situations where I could make silly decisions. I remember with my elbow fracture from a couple of years ago, I would constantly aggravate it by carrying grocery bags, chopping food, etc. Thanks to wonderful hubby, Adam and mother-in-law extraordinare, Wendy, I have been VERY well taken care of. I sure am one lucky crazy-haired girl.

If anyone has any collarbone or other broken bone healing stories, I'd love to hear them!


Unknown said...

I feel for you and completely understand! I shattered my tib fib 13 months ago and still have 5 more months for estimated recovery. I had surgery and lots of hardware in my leg. I just slipped and fell on black ice! I was an avid runner and just completed 2 triahtlons and was making more goals and feeling great when the accident happened! Just don't forget that you will get better! The days go by so slowly and it's hard to even imagine when you will feel 100% again, but it will happen! Just don't lose sight of the future and make tiny healing goals for yourself. I too have an amazing husband that had to completely take care of me. It was tough because month after month I could see the toll it took on him as well, even though he never complained. We are stronger because of this experience. My friends were even more amazing than I had expected too. I read a lot of books and had many friends come and visit me and make food for me everyday, I was housebound though and my leg had to be elevated for months. I had the washroom of a 95 year old women, with all the equipment needed to modifiy things for me. I still have physio once per week, but a couple weeks ago I have started to learn to run again, which is the most amazing feeling! I have set a goal of a 10km race to keep me motivated and strong to push through the pain.
I wish you the best with your recovery, Take can only get better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,
5 years ago I broke my right arm and left collarbone snowboarding. At the time I was living by myself in an apartment in Thunder Bay, writing my master's thesis. My brother drove from Vancouver to trade cars with me (mine was a standard, his an automatic)and I had to type several thesis chapters with my 'goofy' hand - this is a very, very exhausting thing to do for hours a day! I was also living alone and had my friends come in 'morning' and 'night' shifts to do things like open my windows and plunge my toilet. Ridiculous but true! So don't give up - and just think, you might end up liking your crazy hair :)

Gregwh said...

Lauren, I broke the cuboid bone in my right foot during a night run February 25, 2009. Turned it on a lip in the pavement...turns out the cuboid is important. The Doctor was not helpful psychologically, "Don't ever run unless a dog is chasing you" Etc. I went from training every day to laying on the couch (in tears at first) A day seemed like a week. I started in quickly with upper body ergometer intervals(stationary excercise bike turned upside down)which helped me feel normal again. I wrote "Heal Fast and Strong" on the cast. A friend found me a waterproofing latex cast cover and I was back to swimming in a week. I took coral calcium, cod liver oil, and Collagen supplements. 7 Weeks after the accident and I could bike a couple hours...9 weeks later I was back to running..first workout 4 X 100 meter jog.. Ended up having my best year EVER after that. This too will pass. Heal Fast and Strong! Greg

Allan and Tammy said...

Hi Lauren,
Your an Island girl so you fit right in with your island hair now.
Sorry to hear about your injuries.
I broke my collar bone mid March '08 and had a personal best race in July '08. I know it's a cliche to say it but what does't kill you makes you stronger. During my come back I tried very hard to concentrate on the things I 'could' do and added to the list every week. I think the PB came from the pent up anger and frustration that I sent to the back of my mind for 4 months.
That time in my life seems like a blur to me but I remember a few highlights.
One was sleeping on a recliner and I couldn't get the feeling out of my head that I wanted to be in the bedroom beside my wife so we moved the chair into the room. I was so grateful to sleep in the bed again!
I remember hike/running up the observatory thinking that if I fall I may not be found. Then I thought f#*^ it, I Need to be out here, i'll take my chances.
I was back in the pool after three weeks doing kick sets on my back with fins and slowly building up to more and more things I could do. It gave me a good reminder to be grateful for the little things.

See you at the pool soon.
Take care and rest well.

Anonymous said...

lauren i sooo feel you pain right NOW. 3 weeks ago i broke my collar bone snowboarding and had to get plate pins n'all put in. please keep sharing your healing stories as I too have frizzy hair but more importantly i REALLY can't wait to be able to just walk without a sling.. the dr says 4 more weeks and no physio, is that for real?! how are you mending...

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