Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am not writing this from Maui where I should be if all had gone according to plan. I am still in BC, but at least now am confident with how things are going...and finally en route to Hawaii!

I've struggled with some tightness in one leg for a few weeks but it wasn't until last Monday that I realized, OK, this is more than just tightness. It eventually became a sore spot in my knee and if past experiences have taught me anything, I know NOT to mess around with knees. Obviously training through pain (the bad kind) is never a good idea so I was careful to get right on recovery and treatment. I started to see improvement quickly and by the weekend I was able to do a shorter run. But, the soreness was still there....a bit..... and I hoped so very much that it would settle down in time for our flight on Monday. But, you can't give your healing body a deadline.... It was definitely better, but my gut was telling me not to get on that plane. I needed another day to let the body heal before the trip and the start of the camp. This was not an easy decision though and many thanks to Adam, Patrick and Kirsten who were at the airport check-in to offer support (yes, this decision was VERY last minute). It was bizarre to drive away from the airport, with the car full of luggage, amidst a rain and wind storm, after begging the check-in lady NOT to put me on that plane to Maui. YES, crazy I know, but you've got to follow your intuition sometimes.

Finding the cause of the knee troubles has been a tricky process. I am usually a believer of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy, and maybe even more so now...

On a happier note, I am the proud owner of my first ever garden! It's on our rooftop and is waiting for some TLC once I return next month. The goal is to grow some edible veggies this summer, but if my developing green thumb lets me down, at least I can have some fun playing in the dirt!

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