Sunday, January 17, 2010

oh dear...

So it turns out the Maui camp wasn't meant to be for me this year.

I crashed on the bike during our first long ride, fracturing my left clavicle and right wrist. How it happened is a bit of a blur, but from what I remember something flew out of a jersey onto the road during a technical descent, resulting in some reactive breaking. The good news is that the injuries weren't worse, and both bones will heal up nicely, especially under the care of our fantastic support staff. The unfortunate news is that hubby, Adam will be taking on the role as hairdresser, esthetician, chauffeur, chef, and chick-flick renter as both arms are currently out of commission. I trust his cooking skills but I have a feeling I will be opting for a buzz cut in the near future...

It was sad to leave the camp as we were just getting rolling. We really have a great group of dedicated, hard-working, and positive athletes and coaches this year and it was inspiring to train with them, even if it was just a few days. I already look forward to joining the gang when they return to Vic and hopefully in Tucson next month.

A special thanks to Kirsten and Paula for taking such good care of me. Washing my hair in the sink, feeding me brownies, brushing my teeth, fixing my ponytail every two minutes, and even waking up to see how I was in the night. And to Brent for packing my bike as I just sat there like a princess (honestly I wanted to help...).

This has all been typed with one finger so I am going to take a rest now. More on the recovery soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's too bad. Here's to a speedy and full recovery!
- Jonathan in Vancouver

Courtenay said...

so sorry to read about your crash! i hope you get to stay in maui and enjoy the sunshine a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

You are going to become the fastest "one-finger typing" person in the triathlon community !!!

Wish you a speedy recovery and great time in Maui !!
This will make you a stronger cyclist !

I really enjoyed your demo of unpacking a bike !!

(Kiwami Canada, Ottawa)

Gregwh said...

Lauren, Argghhhh! glad it wasn't worse. "Every adversity contains a seed of opportunity." You have a great attitude. Heal well and fast. Greg

MarkyV said...



I've had my own bad-news-post-from-hawaii-typed-with-one-finger-FUN myself. You'll rally!

Maybe see ya in AZ. HEAL UP!!!!!!

Lauren said...

Thank you all for the healing wishes!

Roweramo said...


I broke both my arms in a cycling accident on July 1st, 2007. So, I definitely can relate to having someone else have to do virtually *everything* for you. There are always times that it seems awful, and impossible, but this is where the people that you love/the people who love you come out to play... and that makes the awfulness go away.

thanks for being an inspiration, I hope you heal up quickly, and properly!

Noa said...

Heal fast Lauren... If you need help with anything, let me know!

Amanda & Rob said...

That's so tragic. Sounds like Adam has his work cut out for him:)Stay positive and you'll be back at it in no time.