Sunday, March 22, 2009

Living the simple life

This is just a quick post because it's Sunday night and I'm feeling a little pooped. 

Great training this past week and I look forward to the next two. We're all feeing adapted to the hot and dry conditions (no more "cactus" mouth while running!) and as long as we don't forget sunscreen and hydrate all hours of the day, we'll continue to roll along. 
I think what I love most about training camps is how simple our lives are. Train, sleep, eat, recover, train, etc... repeat. Coach Philippe is doing an incredible job at taking care of the details, whether it's scheduling us bi-weekly massages at the condos or following us on every ride in the van (and keeping the van stocked with extra water, cokes, snacks and spare wheels.) Sometimes I feel as though all we have to do is show up and train hard. Yes, life is good!!

Simon asked me the other day to make a list of the top-1o things I'd like to do that afternoon. I am a little embarrassed how basic and boring this list is, but I think it gives a snippit of my life at training camp:

1: Eat a few more Newman's cookies 
2: Use "norma" (the compression machine)
3: Use Game Ready (the icing machine)
4: talk to Adam
5: read my book
6: fix the TV remote (anyone know any LG remote codes?)
7: watch TV if I can fix this remote

I think my list ended there! LAME, I know! 

Below are a few pics from the last few days.

Back to the icing now!

Kathy and I on the track this morning for a set of 400's.

Gate's Pass intervals.

I'm glad this picture shows it being somewhat of a hill because I remember it being STEEP at this point.

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