Sunday, March 15, 2009

To the desert!

I can't believe it's already time to pack up for another training camp! Thankfully this will be another warm weather camp so my bag is still semi-packed from Maui with the summer clothes (definitely no need for those in Vic these days!).

Kyle, Simon and I are off to Tucson tomorrow afternoon for 3 weeks of solid work in the sunshine. I will do my best to post daily updates with tales of our adventures. 

I am currently taking a 'rest' from packing as I write this. What to bring is always the biggest stressor of travel for me. Honestly, I suck at packing. I would bring everything in my closet if I could because at least then I would relax knowing that I was prepared for any condition. I am trying my hardest to bring a minimal amount of stuff this time, but I can pretty much guarantee the bag will be bursting at the seams and borderline overweight. I tried going through my piles, item by item, saying to myself, "do I really need this?" All I took out was one pair of bike shorts!  Why is this SO hard?!! My gosh, I could survive in one pair of t-shirt and shorts for the camp if I had to. This is when I need Adam here. He is the best at helping me pack. I often ask for his advice about a few items when I have done my own (failed) process of elimination. By this point, I'm always laughing pretty hard because I know he will say "DON'T NEED IT" to everything I show him, regardless of it's actual importance. So, tonight I feel lost without his carefully thought-out advice so I will just go with the piles I have prepared and hope for the best at "weigh-in" tomorrow. 

I am sure Wendy will still get to say her favourite expression as I lug my bags and bike out the door: "Traveling light, I see!" 

Here's a photo of my first ride on the new bike. Sadly it was on the TRAINER so I don't really count that as a real test, but it still did feel pretty amazing :-)

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