Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Week in Review

Monday: My last day of rest before the next block of training began. I can't exactly remember what "cardio" I did this day, but it probably involved some swimming, and maybe even a little running. What I do recall is visiting the petting zoo at Beacon Hill park with Adam. Yes, this place geared towards little kiddies and their families, but I love to run by here any chance I get. We happened to be there in the height of peacock mating season so were treated to some incredibly beautiful feathers on display, as well as some serious aggression. I have never know such an elegant creature to be so viscous! The peahens were pecking away at seeds, minding their own business, as the male peacocks would strut around shaking their feathers. If they struggled to get the peahens attention (which seemed to always be the case), they would charge them! And of course, there were also many battles going on between the males, establishing dominance. It was quite the show and definitely not something I get to see when I am running by.

Tuesday: Back at it, full-on, with a 6-hour day. 5km swim to start, followed by a 3.5 hour ride which consisted of numerous races or rather "attacking" scenarios. The guys are always planning tactics but when riding with them, my tactic is always the same: ride HARD. So this is what I did for most of this ride. The day was finished with an hour run, including many sprints up Beacon Hill. Adam joined me on the run and we had a few good laughs racing each other up the hill. Actually, it wasn't much of a race because Adam can crush me but he lets me think I am going to win for at least the first few seconds. On the last one I decided I was REALLY going to try and keep the gap as small as possible by the top of the hill. But, of course, he senses me close behind him and doesn't stop at the top, but keeps running through the parking lot, up to the flagpole. In other words, WAY past the "20 second" mark. I pretty much collapsed with laughter (and fatigue) at this point. One day I WILL WIN!!

Wednesday: 5km swim to start, 90 minute run, finishing with a 10km build through the park, and an easy roller spin to finish it off.

Thursday: 3km swim, 1 hour run, massage. That was it!! I started to feel a little "off" today with some pretty swollen glands, so I was happy it was an easier day.

Friday: 5k swim, 2 hour ride with motorpacing, 30 minute run. Still not feeling quite right but managed to have a good training day.

Saturday: 1 hour run with hill strides, 3km swim. Definitely developed a little cold (the "unicorn" was scratching in my throat), so again, relieved it happened to be another lighter training day.

Sunday: Bazan Bay 5k running race. New PB of 16:59! But, more importantly, I beat the chiropractor (and secret-trainer), Hasegawa! When I did this race a few years back we had a battle to the end but he destroyed me in the sprint finish. I was able to make my move early and then just run scared for the rest of it. I was certain every guy I could hear breathing behind me was Hassie so I just kept looking forward, trying desperately to keep the pace on. The funny thing was that I didn't really have a time goal or any kind of pacing plan. I was a little shocked with the pace at the start (Hassie went out in a 3:14 km so of course, I had to go with him). I got a little concerned when I saw that time on my watch, but I still felt in control and strong so I went with it and didn't look at the watch again until I crossed the line. Victory!

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JC said...

Congrats on your race!
The petting zoo is soooo much fun!