Sunday, April 5, 2009

Goodbye, Tucson!

Since my last training update, my stomach has recovered. Thanks to everyone for the great ideas. I'm not sure what did the trick in the end, but I got on the probiotics, upped the electrolytes and tried to cut back on the sugary energy products. 

The 3-week camp has come to an end. I am sad to say goodbye to the warmth, the sun, and the simplicity of a camp environment, but I am looking forward to settling into routine in Vic and moving in to our new apartment. Actually, I don't know how much I will have to actually move because Wendy went above and beyond today: furniture, unpacking, cleaning, groceries, even fresh-cut flowers! The running joke is that I am NEVER around to help with a move (and we move a lot). It is always Wendy, Randy, Adam, and/or my parents who do the dirty work. This time though, I thought I would get the chance to make-up for my absence and excuses over the years (i.e. broken elbow, can't lift boxes :), but by the sounds of it, Wendy did the ENTIRE move today. Wow. Thank you SO much!!

We've had a great last few days of the camp, but, I cannot lie, I am very much looking forward to a few days of recovery. Here's a quick recap of last half of the week:

Thursday: 1 hour run along the river wash. I felt surprisingly good today which is always a pleasant feeling for a base run. 5km endurance swim in the afternoon (with some "steady" bits and pieces)

Friday: 5km hard swim in the morning. Main set was 6 x 200 (150 hard, 50 fast) and 4 x 300 (200 hard, 100 fast). In the afternoon we headed out for a 2.5 hour base ride. This was another WINDY day. Our 2.5 hour loop turned in to almost 3 hours of base (++) riding. I was pooped by the time dinner rolled around that night!

Saturday: We started our ride from Udall Pool. Warmed-up to the base of Mt. Lemmon, then continued up to mile 5. We started our workout here: 3 x 3', 3 x 2', 3 x 1'. Sounds short and easy, right? Oh my gosh, hands down, this was the toughest bike session I've done this year. The wind was GUSTING (for a change....). I'd go around a switchback on the recovery and the wind would hit me like a wall....and then it was time to hit-it again. We re-grouped after the intervals, around mile 14, and finished the ride to the top (26 miles, ~8000ft). It was cold up there and we were all pretty smashed at this point. This was my first time at the summit and couldn't believe the options for tasty treats; there was the pie shop, the fudge shack, and the cookie cabin. We all headed to the Cabin, each devouring a plate-sized cookie of sweet deliciousness. We finished the day with an hour run along the river wash. 

Sunday: Track workout this morning: 4 x 1600m, 4 x 200. We all hit our paces but the fatigue was definitely there. We finished the camp with a 4km easy swim mid-day and then spent the afternoon packing-up and getting massages. 

Our flight leaves at 6:40am tomorrow so I am off to bed!

Some photos from Lemmon:

Clearly before the intervals (still smiling...)

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