Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tummy Troubles

I have never been one to have a "stomach of steel" (and I am not referring to my abdominal muscles... ). Spicy food is out. Greasy-goodness is usually out. Garlic is out. Bananas are out. Most dairy is out. I'm pretty particular with what I eat, especially during heavy training blocks when I feel my body is more worn down than normal, but, every once and awhile, something sneaks its way in and wreaks havoc on my system.
The latest tummy stuff started on Saturday afternoon. I will spare you the details.... But, it still seems to be lingering and I am getting impatient with simply "waiting it out." Anyone have any suggestions for an "upset" digestive system? My appetite is still good and training is going well, so I am hopeful this thing will eventually work it's way out.... 

We've had a couple BIG days this week. The highlight of yesterday was the Kitt Peak climb. The workout was 2 x 20' hard up the 12 mile climb, finishing at 7,000 ft. My SRM has been on the fritz lately so Phil unplugged it and had me ride based on effort. To my surprise, once those (incorrect) numbers were out of my face, I put the focus on pushing myself and had a great ride. 

Today we were back out on the bikes for 1 hour 45 "easy" with a run session off the ride. Well, the winds were STRONG today and I think my training partners were equally STRONG so it made for a tough ride. As much as I tried to find the "sweet spot" in the draft, it simply did not exist today. Just hanging on to the guys was a challenge so when we got to the run, I felt a little more than an easy spin in the legs! We jogged over to a park for 3 x 10' mins, building effort. I love this type of session, building from strong to fast. Basically when you finish, it feels pretty darn close to the feeling after a race. My stomach really wasn't right at this point so cool-down consisted of doubling with Phil on his road bike back to the van. We were so shaky and unsteady that I was certain we were going to crash at any moment, but, I guess Phil felt in control because he casually chatted about the session as he pedaled along.

Only 4 more days in the desert before we're back to Vic!

A few pics from the ride yesterday:


Unknown said...

Hi Lauren,

Bad stomach - hate that! Have you tried taking some probiotics? Sometimes taking acidophilus will help your body bring the gut bacteria back in balance. You can take it even if you are sensitive to dairy. What kind of food/gels do you take when you train? Lots of us get gut rot from gels/bars and have tried Brendan Brazier's Thrive Diet recipes. Direct fuel bites are awesome energy during long rides & training and are really easy on the dig system. Google his name and check them out - he has gels, energy bars, recovery food. I was skeptical, but I really think I'm doing really with it. Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

I share your pain. I've had some mega bouts with IBS. Last month was particularly epic, with three vists to the bushes on a single 40min run. OMG.

Could it be stress related? It usually is for me.

I agree with Laura (above). I can't remember if you're a coffee drinker, but you may want to kick that habit (for me, life's not worth living without java, so I still have it).

The only other thing that I can suggest is Nexium. Since my sis is a doctor, I have sampled it with good success :) So, if it continues, you might want to give that a try. It sounds like you just might have a bit of a bug or something, so I wouldn't go straight to the drugs.

I enjoy reading your blog, superstar!