Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I know this posting is going to get me in trouble with Rinny. She already calls me a "nana" because I wear floral Birkenstocks. Well, I might as well sign up for the retirement home now because quilting takes my old lady qualities to a whole new level. 

I have always been amazed at quilters and what they are able to create. My mom has always been a sewer so I grew up helping choose patterns and fabrics and I feel at home in a sewing store. I don't seem to have any interest in regular sewing these days but I sure have felt like returning to my fabric store roots and starting something new. 

I tried to talk my way into a quilting class while in Fredericton, but it was an intermediate class so in hindsight, it was probably good I wasn't allowed in. I made some calls when I got back to Victoria and found an amazing quilt shop downtown that had room in a beginners class. I met up with the instructor this morning to pick my fabrics. Oh my gosh, I was like a kid in a candy store! There were SO many fabrics. It took a good two hours to get everything sorted and now that I am home and looking at my fabrics, I still like my choices. It was such a tough decision picking the colour palette/pattern and I was worried I would regret my choices. So, I think it's a good sign that I still love them because there is no returns once the fabric is cut! The only problem is that I am dying to start cutting and sewing now but can't touch the fabrics until class next Friday!!

I know that time and energy won't be an issue when it comes to quilting. This next month is still light for training with a 'choose my own adventure' theme. I haven't yet struggled to find things to fill my days and there is still plenty to choose from on my off-season checklist. I've been doing plenty of adventure runs and a few short trainer rides every week, just to keep up the strength. The trainer isn't exactly the most fun (unless What Not To Wear is on tv), so I am looking forward to getting on my cross bike once my elbow heals up. I'm also now in the pool a few times a week for very short swims. I'm amazed at the improvement from week-to-week. I am now feeling like there is a little power behind my left arm which is a wonderful feeling. I was worried for awhile that I was going to return to my kick-dominated stroke from the old days (the pre-"gunz" days!) I have been secretly timing myself for 100m every time I'm in the pool. I don't swim hard because that's not really possible right now, but I just like to monitor my progression. When I got in the water at 5 weeks post-crash, I swam 1:35 for the 100m 'test' (which I think was almost entirely kick). At week 6, I swam 1:28. This was exciting for me, sub 1:30! This week, week 7, I swam 1:22! I should be back to good in the next few weeks, but will stick to my 'Nana' activities until then. 


Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren, keep us posted on how your quilt is coming along!
Your fans at the Queen's Triathlon Club

Lauren said...

Yes, I will! Thanks!
Queen's Tri Club?! Wow!! That brings back so many great memories. I hope to return for a visit one of these days!