Sunday, October 26, 2008

SEW Much Fun

Yes, that pun is totally intended. 

I have a new hobby that might be slightly more hip than quilting. Learning to quilt has gotten me excited to work with fabrics but I am having trouble being patient when the classes are a week, or sometimes two apart. I mentioned to Wendy that I might like to start sewing and that very night she set up the basement as a "sewing studio." And, while I was starting to think about where I could purchase a sewing machine, Wendy contacted a friend who is an avid sewer. To make a long story short, I was given a machine (thank you, Rhonda!!) and I was all set to go. 

My sewing experience doesn't go much beyond boxer shorts and hair scrunchies in the 90's, so I knew I wanted to start with something simple. After picking up the sewing machine, I stopped by a few fabric stores in search of inspiration. I had a difficult time getting excited about the patterns as the pictures on the front are often rough drawings of models wearing the clothes. Or, when it is an actual photo, the clothes are always sewn in awful fabric. I did my best to imagine the clothes on me and in my choice of fabrics, and settled upon a pattern for PJ's (if you don't know me, I love pajamas and can never own enough). The pattern brand was "Kwik-Sew". Perfect, it would be easy and fast, right? Well, not exactly, but more on that in a second. I returned to my quilting shop and the ladies there helped me select some fabrics for these pj's. 

I spent most of today in my sewing studio (apart from a great cross ride with Tiff and a swim). The pj top was a huge challenge, to say the least. There was terminology used in that pattern that I had never heard so I had to do quite a lot of internet searching to figure out what I was doing. I am actually really surprised how they turned out, but more importantly, astonished that they actually fit! I always have trouble finding clothes to fit my long torso, broad shoulders, short legs, pin head, etc.... I didn't have to make any alterations and these pj's are super comfy. 

I am not sure what I will sew next, but for right now, it's off to bed.....



Rhonda Metcalfe said...

Your PJ's are so cute, you may have brought back my inspiration to sew again. And I'm so happy the old machine has found a new home. I'm still looking for the accessory box and hopefully in the hunt I'll find my knitting bag I put away last


Lauren said...

Thank you again, Rhonda! I love my new sewing machine and am already planning my next project.
It really is quite fun, isn't it?!