Saturday, October 18, 2008

This & That

I actually don't have any fun stories to share from the past few days as my life has been very low-key. I have been feeling oddly exhausted this week which I initially thought was just because of my crazy day at the polls on Tuesday, but when it continued yesterday and again today, I thought it might be just the usual off-season "fatigue." (this always happens when I take a break). But today, I have finally realized that I am fighting some sort of virus. Phew! I am actually relieved by this; I was worried I had become so "soft" that my 1km swims and easy runs have been hard on me!  

Quilting class finally started yesterday, and believe it or not, it is better than I had imagined! I don't have any neat photos to share of my progress as my quilting bag is full of strips of fabric in ziploc baggies. We spent three hours simply cutting our fabrics, which I am learning is the "hard part" to quilting. The measurements have to be very precise; it is quite the test of my patience (I usually like to "rip" through things...). Anyway, I have a better idea of what my quilt will look like now that the blocks are all cut and I love it. Now, the challenge will be waiting until the next class to start the sewing. 

Swimming is coming along nicely and I have been enjoying a few short sessions every week in the warm pool at Commonwealth Place. I have been craving some company lately so was thrilled to run into Jasper at the pool this afternoon. Jazz, who is in the thick-of-things with his Ironman Arizona training, was doing a recovery swim after his 5 hour ride and I was hoping to set a record with a 2km swim (my longest swim since the crash). So, we were perfect swim buddies. My elbow was the best yet, with very little discomfort. I was even able to use my pull buoy for a bit, which is never fast, even when I am healthy and fit, so you can imagine the speed today...but it did feel good to put some power behind the stroke. We finished with a "get-out" 100m swim and honestly, this was NOT my idea. We had to go under 1:30 (I don't know what would have happened if we didn't make this goal....I'm guessing it would be more embarrassing than anything!). Of course I couldn't just aim for 1:25 or so, cruising to finish off. I got slightly fired-up, forcing my arms to turnover faster than they have been used to. I surprised myself with a 1:11! By 75m I regretted starting so quick, but it actually felt good to feel the burn again. I imagine I will be sore tomorrow! 

Above is a photo from my run the other night. I always seem to run the same loop everyday: from Hotel Wendy, along the waterfront, to Beacon Hill, past the peacocks and back home. If feeling adventurous I will add on a 10 minute stretch for poodle-spotting further down Dallas Road. 

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