Friday, June 18, 2010

Date Night at Grouse

I picked Adam up after work and we hit up the Grouse Grind. It was probably the nicest evening of the year so we were definitely not alone in our quest for the lung burning, "I HATE this, but also LOVE it" pain.

I did the Grind earlier this week as my 2 week post-surgery celebration. Apart from some trainer rides, it was my first real effort in a very long time.... and it sure felt like it! I did not go fast but it didn't upset me. I was simply excited to be outside, healthy and working hard again.

Coach Darren gave me the opportunity to hit it again tonight and with Adam in tow, I had a feeling I might move a little quicker. Well, I was at least hoping I would because if my time got any slower I might eventually have a little cry. Of course this "date hike" quickly became a race, but we couldn't agree on the start time differential. Based off my time a few days ago (and based on Adam's current crazy strong fitness level), I wanted a 6-7 minute head start. He bargained it down to 5 as he's racing a trail marathon on Sunday and didn't "want to go very hard." Fine. I took off and my legs felt like sand bags from the start. But, I did a time check at the 1/4 way mark and saw I was ahead of my previous time. This gave me a little extra encouragement and I settled into a rhythm. Just past the 3/4 mark I heard some breathing and quick moving feet coming from behind.....Adam. Shoot! My race was over as he passed me like a mountain goat. I felt more like a sloth at this point, but I could see the light through the trees up the hill so I knew I was almost done. I ended up taking 4 minutes off Tuesday's time, so despite losing our "race," I was one very happy hiker!

Adam turned out to be flying tonight and hit it hard to the top. Either he knew he was on pace for a good one.....or he didn't want to lose to his wife!! I think it might be the latter ;-)

On a side note, I've been thinking that my brightly coloured run clothes are not helping with the "out of sight, out of mind" concept of racing the Grind. I'm a pretty easy target to spot up the hill so may look into other options. Can't really go wrong with camouflage.....

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kirsten said...

shuff you make me laugh!