Friday, June 4, 2010

Seriously, where is summer?! I know I shouldn't complain because I'm not on my bike everyday or swimming in the lakes, and could actually avoid the "elements" altogether if I wanted to right now, but this is just getting silly! It's JUNE and I'm still wearing rain boots, long pants and wool hoodies.

Feeling a little stir crazy and adventurous this morning, I set out in search of some sign that my calendar is not a month or two off. With my rain boots on and little pudgy doggy in tow, I set out through the neighbourhood sniffing out the spring blooms. As we were walking I realized that Chloe is in the same recovery boat as me. Let's just say she hasn't exactly been the picture of health in a very long time, a condition we had all attributed to a combination of being fairly lazy and sneaking far too many treats. But a recent diagnosis of Cushings disease AND a thyroid problem have explained a lot, and also given her future a brighter outlook. She has to take medication daily, and for the rest of her life, but it has already made a world of difference over the past month. So, I have set a goal for the two of us over the next two months to get back our health, and maybe a little fitness along the way. I hope my program progresses beyond daily walks (and soon!), and I am also thinking that my curve to health might be a tad steeper than hers, but the two of us will make a good team. I am just glad that I don't have to subject myself to the weekly weigh-ins that she has to... sorry, Chloe, you are alone on those!

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