Thursday, June 17, 2010

Star Cake

A relatively recent Groves family tradition is to bake a star cake when someone does something "star" worthy. Why? Because of course there is no better reward than a sweet, delicious baked good.

I whipped up a star cake yesterday when Adam called with some news. I have permission to spill the beans now.... he was offered (and accepted) articling at his current law firm. Woo-hoo!

Despite the carrot cake with lemon cream cheese frosting being very tasty, I will not be posting the recipe. It used ingredients I never have stocked in my pantry so apart from the carrots and a handful of walnuts, there is nothing that could be considered "healthy" by any stretch. But, sometimes that's the perfect reward!

Congrats, Adam!!


Wendy said...

What a wonderful tradition. A star cake. May I copy that tradition. Congrats to ADAM. Yeah!

krystyna47 said...

Is that a miniaturized version of him on the cake, too?
And congrats, to both of you!

gusgreeper said...

love the star cake tradition! and congratulations to Adam.