Thursday, June 10, 2010

Raccoon Hunter

Adam is my animal rescue hero. This pic was taken this evening at the Grouse Grind and at the time, we had no idea what excitement was in store for us tonight. Fast forward two hours later, and Adam was up in our attic rescuing a baby raccoon left behind from the rescue mission earlier this week. Story to follow tomorrow!


Lindsay Acheson said...

Hi Lauren,
Best of luck with everything. As always, I love your positive attitude. Just because you are as in to dogs as me I thought I should let you know that Paul and I get a rescue dog. She's absolutely fabulous and we're completely smitten. Check out Paul's blog for pics. She kinda looks like a beagle crossed with a greyhound (not sure how that would happen)

Lauren said...

Thanks, Lindsay!
Izzy is adorable. She definitely has beagle in her, and maybe greyhound...I think there have been stranger crosses out there!
I hope you and Paul are doing great!

Oh, and please let me know if Blue is expecting any pups around September 2012...