Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you, Dr. Nelson

Cheezy self-portrait I know, but I'm far too excited to care! I was able to remove the final layer of steri-strip bandages this morning and for the first time since the surgery, able to have a look at the wound. Without going overboard using words like "amazed" or "thrilled," let's just say I am quite pleased with how it looks.

Dr. Nelson truly is a fantastic surgeon and was meticulous in every way possible. I had expected the surgery to be 60 to 90 minutes depending upon the need for the hip bone graft. So without going to the hip, I thought it would be on the shorter side. However, I was under general anesthesia for nearly three and a half hours, and now I know why. Thank you, Charles, for not only taking the extra time to ensure a strong fixation, but also for thinking about how it will look years down the road.


Noa said...

YAY Lauren! Nice looking new blog layout too :)

t-odd said...

That'll make you look tough out there. Glad you're on the mend.

Gregwh said...

Looks fine really. Agree with
T-odd it will make you look like a bad a** out there. Which you are!

gusgreeper said...

that is gonna look good. way better than mine. (big surprise :P) glad it worked out.