Sunday, January 11, 2009


Quick update from today:


Team Germany, 2nd and Team Brazil, 3rd.

The three of us raced very well and held first place from the first round through to the last. As expected, it was fast and hard but so much fun. I really surprised myself with my fitness at this point in the season, finished 2nd, 2nd and 3rd in the three races.

The weather wasn't exactly ideal with wet roads and cooler temperatures, but the fans were incredible and the cheering was out of control.

We're off to the beach now for some frisbee and churros...

I will try to write more about the races later.

With our bodyguard.

Just a few fans.

Andrew didn't show....

....and Rachel is now American....


Wendy said...

Congratulations Lauren to you and the team.
Wendy and Randy from a cool and rainy Victoria

Amy said...

Congrats to the three of you. I was looking for results and then remembered that you were on the team (with Rachel who's a friend of mine) so I got to see the good news here (and the fab photos).

Anonymous said...

Dear Lauren

You already comeback to Canada?
Thanks to you and your time regarding the victory.


BreeWee said...


Anonymous said...

VEEEEEJJJJJ!!! Congrats to you big time!!! You are awesome and haven't changed a bit!!!
Take care,

Zé Maciel said...
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Lauren said...

KELLY!!! (VJ!) Oh my gosh!!!!!!!
Send me an email:
SO great to hear from you, can't wait to catch-up.