Friday, January 23, 2009

Afternoon in Paia

Sarah and I finally made it to Paia for more than a grocery store trip. We live just over a mile from town, a little too far to walk on tired legs from training, but close enough that we ponder over it on a daily basis. We have been eyeing the shops as we drive and bike through, so finally today when we finished up training for the day at 2pm, we decided to hop on our bikes and check it out. Of course our excursion didn't last too long and it included snack stops, but thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon out. 

We chose not to buy these hats. 

Kyle chatting in our only area with clear cell recption, the driveway.

Another delicious dinner by Jordan. Joel likes the almond milk.

Time for bed as tomorrow starts off with a 5 + hour ride around the west point of the island. 

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