Monday, January 26, 2009

Lighter Day

With just a 5k swim and 90 minute ride on the program for today, we had a long afternoon at the house (just enough time to get on each other's nerves...actually we don't need much time for that these days ;-) I escaped for a walk around the neighbourhood to stretch out the legs......OK, the real reason was to search for the "pig" Kyle swears to have seen being walked on a leash the other day. I found no pig (he was likely hallucinating after his long run), but managed to have some fun with my camera.

The pathway to "our" beach.

Our beach.

The extra time today allowed Jordan to slow-cook a few massive racks of ribs for the guys (Sarah and I opted out of this dinner, however, we couldn't resist the smell and were quick to ask for a taste). As per usual, Kyle had the meat sweats going on:

Adam and I have been trading photos of our "winter" locations. I though I'd share the view from his bedroom window:

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