Saturday, January 17, 2009


I wanted to start this update with some winging about my epic journey earlier this week from Brazil to Hawaii, but I think the above photo takes away any chance of sympathy from those back home. 

Maui turns out to be an awesome training location. I have been here once before as a teenager with the family but my memories don't go much beyond riding down the volcano in a rain suit and a BMX helmet, viewing the world's largest Hawaiian shirt, and riding the sugar cane train in the sweltering heat. I am excited to get the chance to re-experience the island from a different perspective. 

The camp is off to a great start. We've had a real mix of weather this week, with a mini-hurricane yesterday (my ipod fizzled out within 5 minutes of torrential rain exposure). The biggest adjustment for me is the riding as I am coming off a month of indoor sessions so these three hours hilly rides, attempting to hang with the guys are going to whip my butt back into shape! Thankfully, my American buddy, Sarah "sausage" Groff is here to suffer alongside me. Over the past three years, we've shared plenty of fun times at training camps and this trip is proving to be no exception. We laugh when we're tired, we laugh when we're riding side-by-side killing ourselves on the bike, and we laugh as we walk through the grocery store every night, filling our carts with tasty treats. We're sharing a double-bed so it's a good thing we get along so well. But, Rinny would be glad to hear that the old rule is still in effect: NO Sakata (very crunchy rice crackers) during nap time!!!

Jordan has taken on the role as house "chef" (not "cook"...his food is too tasty for that title). Last night were chicken enchiladas and tonight is grilled marlin and pineapple with some sort of green curry sauce. Yes, life is rough for us on Maui :-)

Dinner is served, so more from camp soon. Thanks to Coach Joel for the photos below:

The group, left to right: Kyle Jones, Jordan Rapp, Adam van Koeverten, Andrew McCartney, Jeff Symonds, me, and Saucey (missing: Simon)


....and more climbing, with Saucey 

View from the top

Pre-swim pose-off

Apparently something was funny.

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