Sunday, January 25, 2009

Maui Polar Bear Swim

This morning the group raced the Maui Polar Bear Fin Swim. Yes, that is the name of the event and the slogan is, "the only sane polar bear swim in the world!" Fins were worn by almost everyone except us, but that's OK because we probably would have all DNF'd with massive foot and calf cramps anyway.

This type of ocean swim was definitely my cup of tea; the water was crystal clear and warm, and the treat at the finish line were Klondike ice cream bars. 

Andrew took the win with an early break-away, and the next pack was Simon, Kyle, Saucey, and a speedy local swimmer girl with fins. I was on my own behind them, doing my best to keep the pace on, while still keeping out an eye for marine life. Nothing spotted while racing, but Saucey and I enjoyed the company of two TURTLES while cooling down! 

Despite our fatigue, I think we all enjoyed the event, which had incredible turn-out (see pics below, as usual, courtesy of Coach Joel).

To finish off the week, we are back in the cane fields for a 90 minute negative split run later this afternoon.

Pre-race prayer.

Running with fins!

Simon dominated the run-in.

Enjoying the Klondike bars.

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Colin said...

I do not think that Jordan should be eating those Klondike bars ... looking a little chubby there big guy!